Sometimes.  I go in streaks, sometimes not even picking up the camera for weeks on end, but I do really enjoy both shooting and then processing photos. I try to remember that. I hope to learn more and do more, just for pleasure, but perhaps also for some other purposes. I don’t have a website for my photography, but I do have a photoblog.

Photo-psychotherapy.  I got my first digital camera almost 20 years ago, to document progress in ongoing decluttering work in my clients’ homes and offices. Those photos also proved useful, long before the TV hoarding shows, for training my staff and colleagues and for advocating for the recognition of Hoarding Disorder as diagnosis – which has finally been achieved in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM 5) in May 2013. I still take photos for therapeutic purposes, but of course most of them are private and confidential.

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 5.35.15 PMPhoto-fiction.  When I moved to Austin in 2007 I started exploring photography as an art form. My most creative effort to date is a little “documentary fumetti” (a comic book story but with photos instead of drawings). I’m quite pleased with it, so let me know what you think!

Photo-activism.  For a while I was a member of Texas Documentary Photographers and began to see how images can help people see things differently. My first photo to be accepted for an exhibit was for the Heart Gallery of Texas, a project that connects kids up for adoption with their parents-to-be. I still enjoy making portraits, but I especially like to document events, things that seem worthy of note, whether a birthday party, a school play rehearsal, or a political event.


Kitchen Art.  I had my first experience printing my own photos with a series of photos I took at the Farmers’ Market at Triangle Park in Austin. I produced mini-prints of the produce, and some notecards, and I although I thought I would never do anything but the web, I found that real ink on real photo paper was actually quite yummy. I exhibited them at Linda Lane Studios for the East Austin Studio Tour in November 2009. I can now make at least a claim to being a professional photographer, since several people bought my photos, including not just my friends but someone I didn’t even know.

lunch singers-3People and places in Texas.  I love taking photos of people doing things, especially when they’re enjoying themselves. I’m also intrigued by the place I’m living in, here in the state of Texas, and I’ve lately been taking photos around here just to try to understand this place; that’s work in progress.