Personal, Professional and Workgroup Productivity

duckslogoI started Ducks-In-A-Row Organizing Consultants back in 1997, in Madison, Wisconsin. That was before anyone in the Midwest knew what “professional organizing” was, long before it became associated with messy closets and garages. Also before “compulsive hoarding” was recognized as a psychological syndrome, now as Hoarding Disorder in DSM 5 as of May 2013. The ducks had a mind of their own; chasing after them took me in two different directions – psychological consulting for people struggling with clutter at home and productivity consulting for professionals at work. The two aren’t as different as you might think – both require decisions about what to hold onto and what to let go of.

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 10.48.39 PMDucks In A Row, LLC, still serves at the company under which both my husband and I work, the legal umbrella under which my psychology private practice and Planet3.0 operate, although we now only occassionally consult on productivity for clients. Our book on productivity for individuals and work teams, Managing Multiple Projects (McGraw-Hill 2002), translated into 9 languages, is a bit dated now but still in print. We do still think about skills, tools and strategies for sustainable productivity, whether for individuals or groups or societies or the whole world, and we write about them on the Ducks-In-A-Row website from time to time.