Health Consultation and Coaching

Irene Tobis head shotHealth Consultation and Coaching

I help people take better care of their health and lead healthier lives.

I am currently working toward refocusing my practice in the direction of health psychology.  Last year (February 2015) I de-activated my Texas psychology license, for up to 2 years, to take an official break (“sabbatical“) from psychology practice.  I’ve been working on my own health habits, “walking the talk” (I’ve lost 40 pounds — and my health measurements and energy levels are improving dramatically!) — as well as exploring health behavior change strategies for clients struggling with obesity, cardiovascular or cardiorespiratory disorders, osteopenia, and other common health issues of middle age and senior life.

PLEASE NOTE:  I am currently not accepting new patients. If you are a former client, however, please feel free to contact me. (See also below for referrals or questions regarding my former practice specialities.)


OCD and Hoarding — Referrals, support and advocacy

For referrals or questions about OCD or related disorders, contact the International OCD Foundation or the Houston OCD Program or the South Texas OCD Clinic (New Braunfels, TX).

I co-founded and served as the first President of OCD TEXAS, a non-profit support and advocacy organization for OCD sufferers, their families and friends, and treating professionals. OCD TEXAS is the Texas affiliate of the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF). I strongly recommend the conferences and other support and advocacy events and other activities offered by both OCD TEXAS and IOCDF.

logo FOR SURE square2Through OCD TEXAS, I facilitated education and support for Hoarding Disorder, and I served as an adviser to the local Austin Hoarding Support Group. For a number of years I offered a support group session for family members and friends of people who hoard at the annual conference of the International OCD Foundation. I no longer provide individual consultation or referral for clients with Hoarding Disorder, but I highly recommend these groups and conferences and especially IOCDF’s Hoarding Center website as a starting point for anyone seeking information on hoarding.